Experimenting with HDR photography

Spent the last couple of days in Molde taking pictures for HDR processing.
I also bought a polaroid filter, that helped me enhance the contrast between the blue sky and the white clouds.

While reading about HDR photography I noticed that there is some sort of debate going on,
arguing if HDR processing is cheating or not.
I find it to be just another useful tool, to help you make better images.
Just keep in mind that you should always focus on getting it right before you go to post processing.
I like to use a phrase I heard from a sound technician a couple of years ago – “Shit in, shit out”.
Although that’s not quite the case when dealing with photography.

Check out my pictures and my poll below =)

Troll peaks


4 responses to “Experimenting with HDR photography

  1. I’ve been experimenting with HDR recently, myself. I find that it adds a lot to a photo – I find it a handy bit in the toolbox, depending on the look you want to achieve. I love these photos. They are not overdone, they bring out the textures in the shadows and highlight where they need to, they beautifully accentuate the clouds – but all in a very natural way (especially in the boat photo). Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Ma.Risa, thank you 🙂 I do not like to overdo it either 🙂 Some of these pictures isn’t even shot by using bracketing, i’ve just processed the same .raw image, one exposing the sky and one exposing the ground, combining them in Photoshop using a layer mask =)

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