90 minute timer for soccer


Just found a good way of making a 90 minute time overlay for a soccer game.

After nearly an hour of googling, I found an After Effects expression I could use to make a text layer that counts up to ninety minutes in min:sec format.

Download the After Effects Project here , open it and export the pre-made counter to a Quicktime Animation video with alpha channel (millions of colors+).

Import the movie to your desired software (in my case Telestream Wirecast)

The counter looks like this, but you can change the fonts as you like :

Soccer timer 90 minutes clock stopwatch tutorial project afterfx aftereffects

Enjoy 🙂

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17 responses to “90 minute timer for soccer

  1. Did what you done, and i got a problem. I export it into Wirecast as a video whit alpha channel, then in the settings i scale it down. BUT! i want to have controll of the clock, (stop/start). its a video so i use (play/paus), but when i put in some graphics and then go back to the clock, this doesnt work… clock doesnt stop… got any ideas?

    • I think you should check the remember position when not live checkbox. In that way the video will not reset. What ive done for soccer games is to make one clock for each round. 0-45minutes and 45-90 minutes. In that way i can keep the clock off screen in the pause. Btw im norwegian (i saw your email address and guess youre atleast scandinavian)

  2. I don’t have access to After Effects, but was curious if you might be able to send me the Quicktime movie files of 0-45 and 45-90. Would it be possible to have a transparent bg with these as well? I appreciate the help.

  3. what about additional time after 90:00? Do you have a file goes on until i.e. 130:00? 90:01, 90:02, etc. Seems as very important feature for using with soccer matches.

  4. I’m trying to customize it to 130 min run clock but if you adjust it the text sizes are off axis and the minutes get bigger. How do I take care of this?

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