Happy New Year!


Guess my new year’s resolution this year will be to keep improving my photography skills, as well as getting out there more, to get those great shots.
Last winter i discoved that it was possible to both see and predict the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) from my location in central-Norway, and therefore Im now hooked on Aurora-photography. Im hoping for a non-cloudy winter with lots of Aurora activity =)

Now that it’s Aurora-season,the lack of good essential gear has also started to stress me, I still need a wide angle lens for my 5d mk2 (i only got a 50mm) and a more robust tripod with a ball-head for faster and tighter composition.

So thats whats on my mind this 1st of January, hoping to check back soon with some great shots for you guys =)

Also, shot some firework-shots yesterday =)

Not bad for hand-held =)

fireworks fireworks


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