Sometimes, bad stuff happens for a reason :-)

Video above: Timelapse i took when my car was stuck

So, the other night I was Aurora Hunting close to my home, and I had to drive down this steep hill to get to my location.
I figured it was okay to take the risk, since there was ice to be seen on the road.

After almost driving down the entire hill, i turned the corner and guess what, solid ice covered the road..
My car started slipping slowly on top of the ice, and i had no way of turning around.
So I said to myself – Okay, lets just drive down there, do the shoot, and deal with eventual problems getting back up the hill afterwards.
I made it down the hill, did my shoot,ended up with boring aurora shots, saw that it was getting late and decided that I had to go back home.

I packed up my stuff, got in the car and started driving. And got stuck, really bad.

After spinning my wheels for a bit, I got out of the car and called my girlfriend to tell her I was going to be late.
As I hung up, I noticed the sky had exploded into a green aurora storm.

I grabbed my camera, and walked back down to the spot i was earlier on the evening.

I put my camera in time-lapse mode, and went on figuring out how to get my car back up the hill.

Since i was lucky, I found a shovel in a nearby building and borrowed it so that I could throw sand from a nearby river onto the icy road.

It took me nearly two hours of digging and trying, but I did eventually get the car loose and drove up the hill.

Now I just had to walk back down the steep hill to get my camera, which had recorded a beautiful time-lapse as I was working.

I guess sometimes stuff happens for a reason 🙂

Here are also some pictures i took 🙂

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015


Rays of light

The weather has not been really great for photography lately, but i decided I had to get myself out and atleast try to become better at taking pictures when the weather is overcast, and the light is flat. Luckily for me, the sun started breaking through the skies just before sunset, and I got some nice shots 🙂



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