Chasing the Light

Here is a timelapse compilation i made from the area i live in 🙂

Enjoy 🙂


Sometimes, bad stuff happens for a reason :-)

Video above: Timelapse i took when my car was stuck

So, the other night I was Aurora Hunting close to my home, and I had to drive down this steep hill to get to my location.
I figured it was okay to take the risk, since there was ice to be seen on the road.

After almost driving down the entire hill, i turned the corner and guess what, solid ice covered the road..
My car started slipping slowly on top of the ice, and i had no way of turning around.
So I said to myself – Okay, lets just drive down there, do the shoot, and deal with eventual problems getting back up the hill afterwards.
I made it down the hill, did my shoot,ended up with boring aurora shots, saw that it was getting late and decided that I had to go back home.

I packed up my stuff, got in the car and started driving. And got stuck, really bad.

After spinning my wheels for a bit, I got out of the car and called my girlfriend to tell her I was going to be late.
As I hung up, I noticed the sky had exploded into a green aurora storm.

I grabbed my camera, and walked back down to the spot i was earlier on the evening.

I put my camera in time-lapse mode, and went on figuring out how to get my car back up the hill.

Since i was lucky, I found a shovel in a nearby building and borrowed it so that I could throw sand from a nearby river onto the icy road.

It took me nearly two hours of digging and trying, but I did eventually get the car loose and drove up the hill.

Now I just had to walk back down the steep hill to get my camera, which had recorded a beautiful time-lapse as I was working.

I guess sometimes stuff happens for a reason 🙂

Here are also some pictures i took 🙂

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015

Aurora Borealis over Molde, Norway, 30.01.2015

Timelapse – December Sunrise

Shot a timelapse of the sunrise yesterday.


Camera : Canon 5D mk2

Lens : Canon 50mm 1.4


Shutter : 1/100

Aperture : f8

ISO: 400

I used the Magic Lantern firmware with a timelapse interval of 1 picture every 5 seconds.

The video consists of 425 images. Thats a video of approximatly 17 seconds (425/25 frames per second)

I adjusted the images in Photoshops RAW converter, and imported the sequence into After Effects for rendering into a video (h264, 1920x1080p, 120 mbps)

Since I did not have a tripod with me, I used the dashboard of my car. The running engine made the footage a little shaky, but I fixed that using motion tracking and stabilization in After Effects.


Enjoy =)


Time flies with time-lapse photography

Video:Sunset over the Fannefjord, Molde, Norway

5d mk2 timelapse

My 5D mk2 at work

After installing the Magic Lantern firmware on my Canon 5D mk2, time-lapse photography has now become much easier, thanks to the built-in intervalometer that comes with M.L.

Since I no longer depend on using my laptop or phone together with my camera in order to make the camera take pictures at an automated interval, I can now just go out with my camera and my tripod and shoot time-lapses 🙂

What do you guys think ?

GoPro Hero timelapse


This time-lapse was shot on a GoPro Hero camera. Somehow I think the image is quite blurry at some points, I can’t really point out where the focus point is, although the camera is set to center weighted average.. (I’ve cropped away the edges, because the wide-angle lens captured the surrounding windowstills.