Going pro with the Go Pro Hero

Some weeks ago, we purchased a Go Pro Hero camera at work.
Our planned use for this camera is to shoot extreme angle shots while filming car test’s and similar commentaries.
But you can’t go out in field without knowing how the camera works, and how to properly mount it on the car.
Just imagine the wind resistance the suction cup mount must withstand at 100 kph (60 mph)..

So when going home from work I mounted the camera to the left side of car, underneath the side mirror.
I cleaned the area where the suction cup were to be mounted with a dry cloth, attached the suction cup, and tied a safety
string between the go pro camera and the side mirror, in case the suction cup should somehow fail.
I turned on the camera, jumped in the car and drove for approx. 25 minutes.

When i got to my destination and were to turn off the recording, the Go Pro camera simply crashed.
I had to take the battery out to reset it, but my recording were not to be recovered =(

Turns out it’s a good idea to format the SD card using the Go Pro camera’s own format function.

Well, the next day, with a fresh formatted SD card, I got the shot =)

Check out the sped up version below =)